The Portfolio App

The Portfolio App

Designed to make homeschool accountability easy, mobile, and flexible, Portfolio by BlueSky Schooler is the dynamic new app developed by homeschool mom, Keren Green. This record management tool adapts to any Homeschooling approach and helps you meet reporting requirements, specific to your family's needs, with just a few taps on your phone.




Introducing Portfolio


Sample portfolio pages, transcripts and reports created with the Portfolio App.


Keep track of events, activities, classes, field trips, projects, reading lists, and so much more -- from your phone. Login to your secure account on your computer to print/share reports and build your portfolio.


Easily generate transcripts and print a diploma upon graduation.

Photos & Videos

Capture a visual record of your child's education.


Record with your camera in a single tap, or import from Dropbox.

Generate Logs

Reading lists, audio/visual usage, art projects, science projects, field trips, live performances and more.


Build a calendar-oriented lesson plan or enter lessons ad hoc as they happen, or both.


Tap on the days you have classes, lessons or any other homeschooling activity. Easy as that.

Professionally Bound Book

Layout your end of year portfolio and order a professionally bound book as a keepsake and/or record of education for each year.

Educational Reporting

Grant secure access to your ES (education specialist), Charter or Umbrella school to review your reports and/or any material you choose to share.

Online Portfolio

Create rich multimedia presentations with video, photos, and documents that you securely share with your community or college admissions counselors.

Build dynamic portfolios the same way you school your kids -- on the go!

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