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NEWS! BlueSky Schooler Lowers Prices on ALL Portfolio Plans

Subscription Plan Update We are very excited to announce, effective immediately, we are changing our entire pricing model for Portfolio! We have have reduced our minimum monthly subscription from $15/mo. to $5/mo. Plus, we are eliminating the monthly per-student...

“Back-to-School” Season for Homeschoolers

It's all over my social media newsfeed. Back-to-School sales. Shopping for new outfits. Nail-biting anxiety about whose friends are in which teacher's class. Adorable posts with kids holding "First Day of First Grade" posters. Do I miss it? Not so much, now that we...

12 Fantastic Mobile Apps for Homeschool Parents

On the look-out for killer mobile apps to make your family's 2018-2019 homeschool year run more smoothly? We have some great suggestions. At our house, we don't necessarily emphasize ed tech for learning. But Mom and Dad rely on a few mobile apps, especially for...

How Vince Lombardi Influenced our First Year of Homeschooling

Lombardi, the Strategist. Would legendary NFL Football Coach Vince Lombardi have homeschooled his kids? I expect not! But his advice, "Run to Daylight" is invaluable for homeschool parents who want their child's curiosity to drive learning. To be honest, I'm neither...

Homeschooling: A Dad’s Perspective

Many years ago, we started homeschooling because we just couldn't see putting our children into an institution like school. Outwardly, I did quite well in private school growing up, but inwardly, I had not been happy there. The idea of putting my kids in that...

How my 9-Year Old Sparked to Shakespeare

How in the world did we end up teaching Shakespeare to a 9-year old our first year homeschooling? THAT is the question. And the answer is an interesting case study in just where a child-led, hybrid approach to homeschooling can lead.

Your Friendly, Homeschool Tech Start-up

Last week, I was talking with a former Equity Capital professional who is now the Co-Founder of a tech company based in the San Francisco Financial District. He asked me about Blue Sky Schooler. I told him we are a technology company founded by two families who teamed...

Using a Library Log to Encourage Independent Reading

Whether you have a kid who loves independent reading or a reluctant reader in your homeschool, a library log can be used not just to track progress, but to build curriculum and create lesson plans for subject based learning.

Is your smartphone pulling its weight as your primary homeschool memory organizer?

Want to track your child's learning adventures on the go? Portfolio by Bluesky Schooler is the dynamic smartphone app developed by homeschooling parents like you.
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