Subscription Plan Update

We are very excited to announce, effective immediately, we are changing our entire pricing model for Portfolio! We have have reduced our minimum monthly subscription from $15/mo. to $5/mo. Plus, we are eliminating the monthly per-student charge.

In addition, from now to the end of October 2018, we are offering even greater special promotional discounts. See below for details.

Portfolio is more affordable than ever!

As developers, BlueSky Schooler now has a much better understanding of our subscribers’ data storage needs and our cost profiles. Our original offering of storage for Portfolio was anticipated to provide ample cloud space but we didn’t know the capacity would outsize client needs.

After a year of providing service, we’ve learned that the average family uses less storage than our initial projections. As homeschool families and Portfolio-power users ourselves, we were surprised to learn the original 500GB is much more storage capacity than most families will use.

Based on this experience, we now offer the following two new plans, detailed below. The first plan offers 10GB and the second offers 100GB of data storage, which is ample for most families. The 10GB plan is an entry level offering, and you might exceed that plan over the course of two or more years, depending on the size of your family. The 100GB plan is a great choice for large families and for families who frequently upload photos and video. Your mileage may vary of course depending on how you use the app. We suggest average families expect to use between 1GB and 5GB for each child, per year.

Add profiles, no extra charge!

Our new pricing structure also enables you to do something pretty useful that our families have been doing since we began testing the app. Parents, you can now create your own profile, without incurring any additional “per-student” or per-profile charge! You simply pay for the subscription plan that matched your data usage for all profiles.

If you’re worried about running out of storage, please don’t. Whether you’re raising a family of film makers or you have a prolific performer in your midst, BlueSky Schooler has you covered with storage by the Terabyte. You’ll be pleased to learn that our larger plans are also reasonably-priced. Our full Portfolio Plans price list can be found here.

Get BONUS discounts through October

As mentioned earlier, if you subscribe to Portfolio BEFORE Midnight PST on Halloween, October 31, 2018, you will receive discounted pricing. What we didn’t mention earlier, you get to keep your discount level as long as you subscribe, even if you have to change your Portfolio Plan later. Discount applies to subscription fees only.

Feel free to take Portfolio for a test drive by choosing our Free Trial Plan. Just make sure to upgrade to a paid plan by Midnight PST, October 31, 2018, to lock in your discount!

Subscribe today and we’ll permanently lock in your discount!

Even if you change your plan later.

Backed by our 90-day Money Back Guarantee