BlueSky Schoolers Privacy Policy

  1. Definitions

Throughout this Privacy Policy, we will use specific terms that have a specific meaning. The definitions are provided here for your reference. Please note these are only definitions; the context of how particular things are utilized by us is defined in subsequent sections.

BlueSky Schoolers, Inc. – the company providing this website and associated applications.

Website – Any websites under the domain name, including but not limited to,,,

Portfolio, App – the mobile app Portfolio and associated components on the website.

Service – any combination of Website, Portfolio, App and associated services.

Cookie – a piece of information that is passed between your web browser and the Service, that contains information specific to your use of the Service.

Materials – information you provide to the Service which are utilized by the Service in the course of delivering the functions of the Service. Materials include but are not limited to, text, photos, sounds, documents, videos, links, notes, testimonials, comments, reviews, blog posts, and any other information you provide to the Service.

IP Address – a numerical sequence, akin to a phone number, that uniquely identifies your computer or device on the Internet.

Metrics – recordings, collations and reports of various events within the Service including but not limited to clicks and taps with the Website and App, visits to particular parts of the Service, etc.

Usage Metrics – these are metrics associated with your Portfolio process, which include user engagement, data storage etc.

Personal Details – this includes but is not limited to any or all of your name, email address, phone number, street address, etc. – information commonly thought of as contact information.

Financial Details – this includes credit card numbers, expiration dates, CVC/CVV codes, routing numbers and account numbers.

Customer Organization – the organization that is subscribing to the Service.

Organization Details – the contact information associated with the Customer Organization.

Shareable Link – a link to your Portfolio Page that you can share via email and social media with your ES (education specialist), college admissions counsellors, etc..

  1. Introduction

This Privacy Policy is published to help you understand how what information you may provide to our Service, how we will use that information to facilitate your use of the Service, how we will not use your information.

We believe you should have control over your information including how it is shared with others. We will not use or share your information with anyone, except as described in this Privacy Policy.

  1. Opt Out of Communications

You can opt out of any communication from the Service in the following ways:

  • Email: anyone can opt out of marketing emails at any time by clicking the unsubscribelink in any marketing email. In most cases, your unsubscribe request will be honored immediately, however in some cases, you may still receive emails for up to a week after unsubscribing. Portfolio Admins cannot opt out of email messages related to the status of their account, support-related messages and announcements, and direct communications with BlueSky Schoolers Staff.
  • Push Notifications: You can enable or disable push notifications from within the Portfolio App
  • Voice: We do not engage in telemarketing and use voice primarily for customer service. Please inform any BlueSky Schooler Staff Member who is calling you that you do not wish to receive further phone calls.
  • SMS: reply “STOP” to any message received from us.
  • All communications: you can opt out of all communication with BlueSky Schoolers by closing your BlueSky Schoolers Portfolio Account.
  1. Use of Third Party Providers

We have contracted various services to facilitate our relationship with you. Through the course of using their services, we have to disclose certain personal details to them as is necessary to affect the communication. This includes your name, email address, customer identifier/token, phone number and potentially the content of any email or SMS messages. We will disclose only the minimum information necessary for use to utilize their services. BlueSky Schoolers and each of these providers are committed to protecting and defending your privacy. All applicable third party privacy policies are linked at the end of this document.

  1. Information You Provide

Portfolio Account

You provide Personal Details for yourself and Organization Details about your organization during the sign up process. This is held securely as customer data and we use it only for the purposes of contacting you.

Portfolio Timeline and School Records

You provide materials for incorporation into your Portfolio Timeline and other records. We secure this information behind your login email address and password. The strength of this security starts with you securing your account with a robust password, so choose your password wisely. While we cannot strictly guarantee absolute security, we employ industry best practices to protect your data. Your data is always encrypted in transit.

Unless required to do so by law, BlueSky Schooler Employees and/or Contractors will never look at the content of your Timeline and School Records without your prior consent.

At your request, our sharing mechanisms will make any of your materials available to third parties either through an obfuscated and hard to guess web link, or personalized web links sent to people whom you have invited to view your materials, AND they have signed in to the system using their login email and password, or your chosen social circles.

 Your Financial Details are managed by our payment processing partner, Stripe. Their Privacy Policy is linked at the end of this document.

  1. Information provided automatically

The Service will derive certain types of information automatically based on your use of the Service. This includes times and dates and types of various interactions with the Service. These interactions are logged in log files within the Service and in some instances, databases within the Service. This information is used primarily by BlueSky Schoolers to evaluate the engagement and interaction with the service, and by other information consumers as disclosed below under Our Use of Information We Collect.

All Users of The Service

Each access to the Service will include in our log files, the date and time of the access, which part of our Service was accessed, and your IP address at the time the access was made.

Any user interacting with the Portfolio App will be logged in to our cloud service the manages information for the App, after logging in with their email address and password. While logged in, a cookie will be placed on your computer or device to identify who you are, and is used for the sole purpose of confining your access to the system specifically to the materials you provide, and keeping other users of the system confined to their materials.

  1. Our Use of Information We Collect

All Users of The Service

We will use the information you provide directly and indirectly to facilitate delivery of, monitor, and evaluate the effectiveness of The Service. We will use your Personal Details to contact you, should it become necessary to do so within the course of business.

We will not share your personal information with anyone.

  1. Disclosure of Your Information

Other than the disclosures of Personal Details outlined in Section 4, Use of Third Party Providers, we do not disclose your information to third parties in any way.

  1. Legal Obligations and Law Enforcement

BlueSky Schoolers will always contest any subpoenas that we feel are unjust or we feel are not required by law. However, in situations where we receive subpoenas for any information that does comply with the law, we will disclose the minimum information required by law.

  1. Third Party Providers

Email Transport services are provided by Mailgun. Click to view their Privacy Policy.

Telephony services including SMS message provided by Twilio. Click to view their Privacy Policy.

Payment processing provided by Stripe. Click here to view their privacy policy.

Email Marketing provided by MailChimp. Click here to view their privacy policy.

Email Marketing provided by ConvertKit. Click here to view their privacy policy.

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