Last week, I was talking with a former Equity Capital professional who is now the Co-Founder of a tech company based in the San Francisco Financial District. He asked me about Blue Sky Schooler. I told him we are a technology company founded by two families who teamed up to create an app for homeschool record keeping and portfolio building. He laughed. Apparently, the idea that a couple of families would pool their resources to boot strap a tech company was CRAZY to him.

Of course, if you want to make $10 million per year and become a household name, then sure. Our company’s business model is never going to appeal to Equity or Venture Capitalists. But see? That was never our goal.

Maybe it’s crazy to Silicon Valley 2.0, but our goal is to craft a niche product that fits our needs as homeschooling parents. We also believe the Portfolio app will make your homeschooling life easier, too.

Hello, World

Laptop on an oak table with the words "Tech Entrepreneur" speed out in letter dice.And you, as homeschoolers, understand where we’re coming from. The ethic of DIY innovation and problem solving is de rigor for homeschooling. We, as parents and educators, are simply modeling the behavior we encourage and teach in our homes. Funny, too, I thought ours was the very spirit that dreamed up Silicon Valley and breathed it into existence!

Building an app that makes your life easier is just a parent-scale STEAM activity.  We’re making technology work for ourselves and for the people we know. That means we’re making this app for you and for your kids. We’re even making it for all those smart  homeschool kids in Silicon Valley.

Who is Blue Sky Schooler?

Two homeschooling families, The Greens and The Hysingers. We’re it; the whole company. One family is big, while the other family is small. One family has a decade and a half of homeschooling experience, while the other family is new to homeschooling. Two perspectives. Many ideas. We hope that makes for an interesting blog.

The Greens are Veteran Homeschoolers

The Green family has a ton of homeschooling know-how. With four kids and 15 years of child-led learning to draw from, Keren and Rupert are great mentors. Their two oldest boys have both graduated from high school and one has a college degree. They have been building and using portfolios throughout the years for their kids. The Portfolio app enables them to take their creative process digital. Now, the rest of us can use the tools the Greens have used to track field trips, resource activities, dual enrollment, college applications, and memorializing their entire homeschool journey with beautiful, completely customized portfolio books.

The Greens will also be sharing the wisdom they’ve accumulated raising and educating kids who have spent almost no time in what most people think of as “school.” They’ll also demonstrate how the Portfolio app can enhance your homeschool experience.

The Hysingers are New to Homeschooling

My husband, Alan, and I will be writing about the technology side of the things, communicating improvements to the platform, announcing some exciting new features, updating the user knowledge base and taking your questions. Be on the lookout for live webinars, too, where you can ask questions in real time.

My family will also be sharing our homeschooling experiences and discoveries from the point of view of novice homeschoolers. Unlike the Greens, we’ve been through the transition from public school to homeschool. This experience organically informs the way we school. It’s a part of our daughter’s educational experience, for better, or for worse.

Follow Us Here, and on Social Media

We hope you’ll follow our journey, both as a female-owned tech start up, and as homeschool educators. We’ve created this app for you, and we look forward to creating a diverse community of families who embrace tech solutions for homeschooling challenges and who appreciate our entrepreneurial spirit.

And as for Silicon Valley, we love you, but we’re not you. We’re a two-household enterprise. And we’re pretty satisfied to keep it that way for the time being.